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A Modern MidTown Lifestyle

In the heart of the Biggest Little City, the centrally located MidTown neighborhood offers an echelon of living unlike any other in Reno. Helping to elevate it further are the new Tonopah Lofts by S3 Development.

More MarmArt

We’ve added quite a bit of new art (from local artists!) to the streets and alleyways around our Marmot burrows in Midtown. These art pieces are getting great response–and they’ve yet to be defaced, which is quite a feat considering the amount of graffiti these spots used to see. Check ’em out!

Drones of Midtown: An inside look at the Innovation Center

Reno’s Midtown District has transformed many times through the ages. The cacophony of the railroad became the purr and rumble of traffic. The industrial din of warehouses and garages shifted to lively discussion and distant, only just discernible live music lilting on the breeze, to the sounds of construction, renovation, and renewal. An area of the Biggest […]

History of a Marmot Burrow

One of the many perks of renovating properties in one of Reno’s oldest neighborhoods (and newest conservation district) is bumping into some history along the way. We were fortunate enough to bump into a local with some photos of one of our properties from around

Reno/Tahoe represents at Sochi 2014

We locals know that we live right next door to world-class snow, but it’s nice to show off some of the proof of the awesome training grounds right in our backyard (like four gold medals!!!). Here’s a quick look at all of the great athletes from the Reno/Tahoe area who represented the U.S. in Sochi […]

Public transportation & Reno’s future

As Reno moves closer to the ideal of a ‘college town’, our stumbling blocks are starting to become more and more apparent. One of these trip-ups is our fair city’s various neighborhoods and cultural and educational centers–and the fact that they’re separated by residential areas or other, more “interesting” parts of town. If we could […]

FTZ 126: Northern Nevada’s Trade Secret

Above and beyond Northern Nevada’s great tax benefits and legal advantages for businesses, our state’s multiple national rankings for being business friendly, and the (also nationally ranked) lifestyle we all know and love, Reno has another notable draw for large corporations looking to set up shop in the area. Foreign-Trade Zone 126 (FTZ 126), as […]