Moving up in Reno: the Biggest Little City’s journey to America’s top 50

Reno’s gotten a bad rap in the past few years. We’ve been the butt of a few jokes and topped a few depressing charts, but, as they say, the night is always darkest before the dawn. Little did our detractors know that Reno was just taking a breather. While we were being mocked by Muppets, slammed on SNL, and called sad-sacks in Men’s Health, something beautiful was happening–and just last week, Reno was ranked by as one of America’s 50 best cities.

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The Reno brain trust: keeping and attracting smart workers in Northern Nevada

As the state song of Nevada goes, we’re “right in the heart of the golden West”. This goes for the entire state, of course, but it’s especially true in Reno. Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Los Angeles–from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport you can be in any major city in the West in under two hours.

Reno grows into the hub it should be

We are in the middle of it all here in Reno, which is a big part of why we’re starting to get some great attention. Apple’s data center is a big win for the Biggest Little City, but it’s certainly not an isolated case. In fact, not too long after the announcement and confirmation of Apple’s move came the news of the next big data center coming to town: NJVC. This Department of Defense contractor works in highly secure government cloud computing and data storage–talk about a vote of confidence for the Reno’s data center. Read more

Marmot MidTown: Shots from the big before

A big thanks to Rick Chapman for these great shots from Marmot’s big MidTown project! Click here or on the photo below to see more.

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Bosma on Business

Marmots on Bosma on Business

“We buy bad houses in good neighborhoods,” said Eric Raydon on Mike Bosma’s News Talk 780 KOH show Bosma on Business radio show this past Saturday. He and brother Brian Raydon talked up Reno’s ‘vibrant and fun’ urban core and laid out some of their strategies for helping build great neighborhoods and investments. “We’re essentially urban infill guys,” said Eric. “As my brother Gary puts it., ‘We’re old-house geeks,’ and there’s nothing we like more than some of these classic old, brick bungalows in some of Reno’s oldest neighborhoods.”

The show touches on everything from Burning Man to SXSW’s controversial wifi hotspots and even includes an inspiring tale about the kindness of strangers in Reno–and a little Marmot heroism. Be sure to stick it out to the end to hear tips on real estate investment from the experts!

Bosma on Business

Burning Man

September, 1 2012– On this episode of Bosma on Business, Mike goes to Burning Man… yes Burning Man. Join him as he learns how Burning Man has become a business and how ‘burners’ are giving back to the area. Also, the brothers who are behind the boom of the ‘Midtown District” join Mike in studio. Also, the Business Advisors are in to take your calls.

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Marmot Companies Bring Big-City Urban Renewal Trend to Reno

We Marmots just love making news.

RENO, Nev., Aug 08, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — In the midst of a challenging real estate market, three brothers – each with their own individualized skill set – formed Marmot Companies with an urban renewal mission. With dozens of drastically overhauled properties already under their belts, the group just purchased a multi-million dollar residential property assemblage in Midtown Reno. This urban area is burgeoning with cottage industry businesses, new restaurants and bars, and a large commercial project – all within walking distance of Apple’s recently announced Downtown Reno business center.

Read the rest of this great press release here.

The Biggest Little Renewable Energy Hub: Nevada’s Geothermal Future

Nevada is in the hot seat, but this time, it’s creating all kinds of opportunities for growth and development in Reno and the state at large. According to the Geothermal Energy Association and NV Energy, Nevada is a leader in geothermal energy development.

The Reno area is growing into a large network of geothermal companies. Power players like Ormat Technologies, Ram Power, Oski Energy, and Gradient Resources Inc. (formerly known as Vulcan Power Co.) are just a few that are headquartered in Reno. Read more

Quirky, artsy, and full of local pride: Reno loves Artown

For 17 years, Artown has made sunshine picnics in Wingfield Park with live soundtrack music a Reno summer must.  And with almost 500 different events, over half of them completely free to the public, Renoites have every excuse to get their culture on. Whether it’s Zimbabwean drumming, organ pipe-accompanied choirs, saloon Americana, improv for kids, dub step fashion shows, video game symphonies, E.T. under the stars, or art in so many nooks and crannies you can’t take a stroll through the city without bumping into it, nothing is further than your fingertips.

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Data center gains traction AND more are likely to follow

Today, one of our favorite local news sources, the Northern Nevada Business Weekly, ran two great articles highlighting the latest news about the data center east of Sparks–the same data center that will soon be home to tech giant Apple, Inc.

Check out the great news for Reno’s tech future:

Data center development gets traction by John Seelmeyer

Creating 32 new jobs at an average salary of $90,000 each, NJVC Inc. last week resoundingly confirmed that development of data centers is likely to be big business for northern Nevada. Still more appear on the way, following Apple and NJVC. Executives of the several biggest names in the data industry have been in town in recent weeks, and the region appears poised to do well as the data-storage industry prepares to deal with a historic shift in the way it does business.
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New standards play role in growth of data centers by John Seelmeyer

Len Gilman recites chapter and verse of TIA 942 these days. The arcane standards established a couple of years ago by the Telecommunications Industry Association are driving the development of large-scale data centers in northern Nevada. Gilman, who markets the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center with his developer father, is among those involved with economic development in the region who see a major opportunity for northern Nevada in the TIA 942 standards.
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‘Why I Love Reno’ video captured our hearts

This video captured our hearts. We think it covers a lot of great things about our community. Check it out, and tell us what you think it missed.

From NNBW–Marmot Companies acquires 17 buildings in Midtown Reno

We made the news! Big thanks to John Seelmeyer and Northern Nevada Business Weekly for the great article! Check it out below or on their site.

A Reno company doubled down on its big bet on the continued residential renaissance of Midtown.

In a $2 million, all-cash transaction, Marmot Companies acquired a 17-building package of 31 housing units just south of the new Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum.

The company now is investing another $1 million in renovation of the homes that it dubbed “The Assemblage,” says Eric Raydon, one of three brothers who launched Marmot Companies.

“It will be a long-term project, sort of a rolling rehab,” Raydon says.

The company’s newest acquisitions all are in an L-shaped area straddling Sinclair Street between Stewart and Moran streets.The eastern boundary of The Assemblage is directly across Holcomb from the offices of Marmot Companies.

The properties include 12 single-family homes, two duplexes, a tri-plex, a four-plex and an eight-unit apartment building.

Raydon said the properties were acquired by two investor funds operated by Marmot Companies. County and state records show the real estate was sold by AMR Properties Ltd., which is owned by Reno’s Alonso family.

With the newest acquisition, Marmot Companies now owns more than 60 housing units in the downtown area, primarily in the West of Wells and Old Southwest neighborhoods close to Midtown.

Along with Eric Raydon, Marmot is owned by Bryan and Gary Raydon.

The company buys 50 to 100-year-old homes — many of them bargain-priced because are in very poor condition — for renovation into white-picket-fence rentals for professionals and young families interested in living close to jobs in downtown, nearby medical facilities or the University of Nevada, Reno.

“We want to rehab these neighborhoods to the point that we’ll want our daughters to live here,” says Eric Raydon.

He says the company’s portfolio of homes and apartments is essentially fully leased, and the company is fielding inquiries from current tenants who want to move into some of the larger spaces that will be available in The Assemblage properties. The company handles its own management.

“We think we have reached the tipping point in Midtown,” he says.

Crime rates in the West of Wells neighborhood have fallen dramatically in two years, and Raydon credits the focused work of an association of neighborhood residents.

While trendy retail, restaurants and bars have opened along South Virginia Street in the Midtown corridor, Raydon says retailers to meet day-to-day shopping needs such as a grocer and a drug store would help solidify the neighborhood.

From the public sector, he says improvements to facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists would help spur redevelopment of the neighborhood. Developers and renovation companies also have a stake in the improvement of the neighborhood’s public schools as they seek to attract young families, Raydon says.