Happy Holidays! A few reasons we’re cheerful this holiday season…

With winter finally officially here, snow on the ground from the ski resorts down to the valley floor, and the holiday season well up on us, we decided to go through a few of the reasons why we’re especially grateful to be based here in the Biggest Little City.

  1. UNR is coming downtown. As Reno continues to evolve and our tech future becomes more of a reality, we’re seeing a real push to turn Reno into more of a university town. Between UNR’s partnership with the City of Reno on the Sinclair building and the UNR/RTC collaboration, it’s clear that UNR’s presence downtown is growing, which can only help Reno’s burgeoning tech future. In the words of Mike Kazmierski, CEO of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, “When we talk about a university town, what we’re really talking about is a knowledge-based economy with innovation, higher-paying jobs, advanced technology and entrepreneurship.” We Marmots were thrilled to see this move forward so rapidly in 2013.
  2. Reno is one of most highly ranked cities in the nation. In 2013, Reno took home five new national rankings, proving that it’s not just us; everyone thinks it’s great here.
  3. Reno continues to be a great place to do business. The State of Nevada is a great place to do business for a variety of reasons. One big reason is that we’ve still got the third most business-friendly tax climate in the nation, according to the Tax Foundation. Another reason is that this year, legislation passed that will allow benefit corporations (or B corporations) to be created in the state. These corporations have a greater focus on society and the environment. As conscientious capitalists ourselves, we Marmots are excited to see what happens when the legislation takes effect at the turn of the new year. Reno is our favorite place to do business, and with the tech companies moving to town, the university expanding to downtown, and opportunities like Reno’s flexible FTZ here, we’re sure it will become the favorite for many others.

We’re also more than a little excited that it’s already been a great snow year. Here’s hoping for a white Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!