Our pipe dream: Why Nevada is perfect for the Hyperloop

Imagine a world where you can go from the ski slopes of Squaw to dinner on the Las Vegas strip in the same day. Imagine what Nevada’s tourism industry would look like with the ability to have dinner overlooking Lake Tahoe and then still catch a show in Vegas that same night. Read more

Happy Holidays! A few reasons we’re cheerful this holiday season…

With winter finally officially here, snow on the ground from the ski resorts down to the valley floor, and the holiday season well up on us, we decided to go through a few of the reasons why we’re especially grateful to be based here in the Biggest Little City.

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FTZ 126: Northern Nevada’s Trade Secret

Above and beyond Northern Nevada’s great tax benefits and legal advantages for businesses, our state’s multiple national rankings for being business friendly, and the (also nationally ranked) lifestyle we all know and love, Reno has another notable draw for large corporations looking to set up shop in the area. Foreign-Trade Zone 126 (FTZ 126), as it’s designated, is one of the largest and most flexible FTZs in the nation. It’s primed to be one of the most utilized, and it’s role in Reno’s future isn’t a small one.

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Bringing It All Back Home: The Rise of Onshoring

More and more companies are following the trend of bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Apple, Google, Lenovo, Catepillar, G.E., and many others are already on this bandwagon and more are following every day. Northern Nevada’s inexpensive land, readily available power, and location have already made us a great place for data centers. Will high-tech manufacturing come next?

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The Fiber Model: Startups and Reno’s Future in Technology

Cities tend to grow near rivers or sea ports, intersections of railroads or highways–places of opportunity made possible by new technology, be it boats, trains, planes, or automobiles. The fertile soil that these cities grow in is trade, commerce, the opportunity to do business more quickly with more people. As our technology evolves, some new cities grow, some older cities adapt, and some are victims of a kind of technological changing of the guard, dying or dwindling when they’re outmoded.

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Marmots Win 2013 NCET / RGJ Entrepreneur of the Year Award!

The Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET) and Reno Gazette Journal have announced the 2013 winners of their Entrepreneur of the Year Awards–and we Marmots are proud to be among the chosen few. The awards dinner will take place tomorrow night, February 21st, when we’ll be presented the award for the Small Company category.

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Here’s to Your Health, Reno

It’s a brand new year, and for many out there, it’s time for a whole new look at living a healthy lifestyle. Whether you resolved to exercise more, eat well, drink less, be less stressed, or just generally live better, Reno is a prime spot to do it.

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Get Out in Reno: Cheap Outdoor Fun for Struggling Entrepreneurs

Once business starts booming, the brilliant and ambitious minds behind start-ups have some money to spare, but until then, it’s a bumpy fiscal road. Big cities offer entrepreneurs lots of local opportunity–and a high cost of living. Being an ascetic business person is as well and good if you like artsy, one-room micro-lofts and reusing ramen broth after rationing the noodles, but if you’d rather be living it up while starting up a business, you need to make those funds stretch a bit further.

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