Knowledge, expertise, and a passionate belief in what we do fuel Marmot Properties, a family of businesses headquartered in Reno, NV. At the core of each of these companies is high quality real estate, meant to do more than simply provide our many and diverse clients with a nice place to stay.

We make houses homes. We shape communities. We provide the setting for a lifetime of great memories. At Marmot Properties, we’ve developed sustainable business models for rebuilding the next great American city. Our guiding philosophy is a simple one: we love what we do—and we hope that you do, too.

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About the Brothers Raydon

Refined during their years earning Masters in Business Administration degrees, then put into action pursuing individualized post-college career paths, the Raydons’ real estate expertise runs the gamut between commercial, investment, analysis, development and consultation.

Bryan has extensive real estate development, acquisitions, consulting, and financial experience, with an emphasis on resort real estate. Eric is focused on development and investments, with lengthy experience in residential and mixed-use, resort, commercial, and industrial real estate. Gary has acquired over $1 billion in income-producing assets on behalf of investors, directed the development and re-development of multi-family housing projects, and structured real estate investment syndications. Together, the three brothers are working to help Reno be the best home it can be, for their tenants, for their investors, for themselves, and for you.